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Food and food photography is our passion and something that we have been doing for decades. Our mission is to create a great repository of food images and videos. We provide pictures and videos for restaurants, hotels, advertising agencies, the food-packaging industry, magazines and publishers specialising in cookbooks and other food related publications. Our team comprises experienced photographers, cinematographers, food-stylists and chefs. Over the years, we have learnt how to get the most appropriate lighting and set suitable backgrounds that make the product really pop. Additional prop details are carefully chosen to complement and enhance the final images.

At our studio, we offer full-service food photography, complete with photographer, food, props stylist and a chef as per the task. We undertake assignments for food packaging, editorial usage, brochures and restaurants.


The FoodVisuals studio library contains some of the best literature available on a variety of subjects ranging from traditional Indian recipes, French cooking techniques, cocktails and wines, seafood, baking, chocolate and so on. When you come over for a shoot with us, you get access to this treasure of knowledge. With an in-house specialist source available, we don’t miss even the smallest detail in our research before each shoot. Understanding food and its preparation aids us in producing quality; the goal being to create and innovate.

We also have a wide range of props, dishes, traditional Indian cooking utensils, stoneware, galssware, cutlery— you name it! All of these are used to achieve that desired look needed for a particular cuisine or recipe. We continuously upgrade our collection so as to be ready for any shoot that comes our way. We also procure props to meet client requirements on request.